Essential survival skills: Health Ranger demonstrates how to connect or repair almost anything using BALING WIRE

Readers really liked my recent under water ammo can storage experiment video, so I’ve decided to film and demonstrate more survival skills that you’ll find fascinating (and useful).

Today, I’m publishing a new video that shows you how to connect or repair almost anything using nothing more than baling wire and a screwdriver. This is a simple skill, yet almost no one in America possesses it. Everybody is used to buying special clamps at the hardware store, relying on the supply of those specialized parts to get anything done. But in many different collapse scenarios (financial collapse, solar fare, grid down, EMP terrorism, biological terrorism, etc.) you can’t go to the hardware store (or the shelves are empty anyway).

I learned this skill in Ecuador, by the way, where we never had access to Home Depot. In South America, the people are actually far more knowledgeable about self-reliance than a typical American. Most Americans don’t even know how to sharpen a machete on a sharpening stone, yet that’s a common skill throughout most of Central and South America.

By the way, New York subway workers could have used this skill recently, but because they don’t know this skill, they literally tied together subway trains using zip ties. They need to watch my video (below) and learn how to use baling wire instead (which is obviously much stronger than zip ties).

So how do you repair a garden hose without the special clamps? How do you repair tools or automobile parts? How can you fix plumbing problems, reinforce fence posts or build a shelter without all the special parts usually required for the job? In today’s video, I show you how.

All you’ll need is:

  • Baling wire (available at any feed store such as Tractor Supply)
  • A way to cut the baling wire (such as a pair of pliers)
  • A screwdriver or nail

That’s it! Watch the video here to see what to do with these items:



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