Which guns have the highest barter value after SHTF?

Preparing for life in a post-SHTF world involves ensuring that you stock up on crucial supplies such as food, water, and survival gear. But are you prepared to barter for supplies that you may need in a world where money loses its value? (h/t to FerFAL.Blogspot.com.)

Different lists of prepping items that you can use for bartering often include guns, which can become some of your most valuable possessions in a post-collapse world. Guns and ammo are also worth stockpiling since these items can be used for self-defense and hunting when SHTF. You can also barter with guns since when SHTF, guns and ammo can be used to barter for essential items such as more food or seedlings for your survival garden.

Bartering with guns

If you’re worried that bartering or trading guns can implicate you in crimes other people may want to commit, you can protect yourself by only trading with people you know or trust. In a survival scenario, guns are both useful and very valuable. (Related: Prepping to barter when SHTF: What skills to learn and items to stockpile.)

Below is a list of guns that you can stockpile and use for bartering when SHTF.

Cheap guns

At the lowest end of the tradable spectrum are cheap guns. They’re functional, but their biggest selling point is the fact that they’re cheap. This category includes Hi-Points and Taurus guns, which can be sold for about $50 to $100. While cheap, these guns are still worth stockpiling because you can offer them to people looking for affordable firearms.

Combat/Defense handguns

Some of the best combat or defense handguns include the 9mm Glock (models 19 and 17). Guns like the Beretta 92, CZ75, XD, HK USP, and Sig 22X are also reliable guns for self-defense or carry.

While popular models are easier to barter with, Glock 9mms are some of the most sought-after. You can also buy police trade-ins as spares. 40 S&W Glocks, which are solid guns in their own right, are easy to trade with.

Premium guns

Premium guns are weapons that the collector community is always interested in. Examples of premium guns include the Colt Python, which is a commodity with a certain market value.

Other premium guns include the original Colt 1911 service pistols and the S&W model 29. There are also some guns that belong to multiple categories, such as the HK P7, which is a good defense gun that is also a favorite among collectors.

Service rifles

Service rifles may include old surplus AKs, AR-15s, FALs, G3s, Mausers, Mosin Nagants, and the SKS. These guns tend to have a rather fixed market price. In most cases, you can get your money’s worth fast when you trade with service rifles.

When SHTF, brands that aren’t as well known, guns in unusual calibers, and uncommon guns could be harder to sell or trade.

Work guns

This category includes popular 22 carbines such as the Marlin 10/22 or shotguns like the Mossberg 500 or Remington 870. A 357 revolver, such as the Ruger GP100, can be considered a work gun, to some extent.

Work guns are easy to trade or sell at the right price. These guns are considered practical and versatile “tools.” They may be common, but they’re worth bartering with if you offer them for the right price.

Before SHTF, keep a supply of guns and ammo in your stockpile and survival cache, just in case you need to barter for other supplies.

Other useful items to stockpile and barter with

If you already have a stockpile of guns and ammo for bartering, below is a list of other items that you may need when disaster strikes.

  • Feminine products – Aside from their intended use, feminine products can be used as makeshift wound dressing.
  • Honey and sugar – Sugar can be used for cooking, and honey also has medicinal properties.
  • Power – Any method of electrical power will be a crucial bartering item. This category includes batteries, rechargeable batteries, or small solar devices.
  • Salt – When SHTF, preppers will want to barter for salt. This spice has various uses such as adding flavor and preserving meat.
  • Yeast – Yeast has a limited shelf life, but it is necessary for making baked goods.

You can read more articles about guns and their various uses in a post-SHTF world at Guns.news.

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